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How a young biotech company with only a handful of employees was fully contracted and on schedule to implement in advance of launch.


A young biotech company is preparing to launch a new product into a rare neurological disease state. Initially, the organization included only two individuals who were new to the pharmaceutical industry. Archbow was hired to help determine the channel strategy and best vendors to support full commercialization.

Archbow took a deep dive with the client to better understand philosophy and develop approach:

  • Reviewed disease state thoroughly

  • Conducted internal stakeholder interviews

  • Pre-qualified potential vendors and managed all NDAs​

  • Created customized RFP for all channels​

  • Issued and managed RFPs to 23 pre-qualified potential vendors​

  • Scored and analyzed proposal responses​

  • Coordinated and conducted finalist site visits with clients



  • Vendors selected for EAP, 3PL, SP, and HUB

  • Contracts negotiated to client’s benefit

  • Channel strategy fully contracted and on schedule to implement in advance of launch

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