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How a young biotech company successfully integrated data across seven external vendors


A young biotech company was preparing to launch a new product into a rare neurological disease state

Initially, the organization had outsourced data consultants build the data ecosystem, but later reconsidered the need for a data aggregator

Archbow was hired to help determine the best data aggregator vendor to support the client’s data needs and to assist with the implementation of the external data vendor integration with the data aggregator

Archbow conducted a workshop to take a deep dive with the client to align the business needs of each business unit to understand the multi-channel vendor data collection needs

  • Reviewed data needs thoroughly (inbound and outbound data assumptions) through internal stakeholder interviews

  • Reviewed list of vendor types of data to be consumed by the aggregator

  • Discussed data flow and connectivity scenarios

Prequalified potential vendors and managed all NDAs

Created customized RFP for Data Aggregator Vendors

Issued and managed RFPs for 3 pre-qualified Data Aggregator Vendors

Scored and analyzed proposal responses

Collaborated with manufacturer to select the partner best suited for their needs



Vendor selected for aggregation of 3PL, SD, Copay, SP, and Hub data

Contracts negotiated to client’s benefit

Archbow provided project management oversight of data integration of seven external vendors

The manufacturer successfully integrated with data aggregator on time and on budget

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