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How a large manufacturer accelerated time to therapy with a full suite of digitalized services.


A large manufacturer’s existing referral process for specialty medications was seen as archaic and heavily dependent upon manual, people-based processes which resulted in delays in treatment and therapy abandonment.

Archbow took the lead on creating an actionable project plan that outlined a staged approach to executing the new business model roadmap, including key integrated solutions:

  • Electronic Benefits Investigation

  • Specialty Pharmacy strategies

  • Electronic Prior Authorizations

  • Electronic Patient Enrollment

  • PAP E-eligibility

  • Data Aggregation

  • HUB Manual patient activity

Archbow provided strategic leadership to the overall design and connectivity points for the technology-focused solution, evaluating the data flow and architecture between stakeholders. We evaluated and selected the best business model solutions that support the implementation across the digital technology continuum (people, process, technology).

Archbow also oversaw integration of data analytics / aggregation in order to harmonize data for easy access to information, and provide business and customer insights across the continuum of care.



By creating an automated technology solution from patient enrollment to shipment of the product, the manufacturer was able to:

  • Realize an accelerated Time to Therapy: streamlined process that eliminated the hand-off’s and wait time previously needed to prescribe and distribute the product to the provider and or patient

  • Reduce the number of days from patient enrollment to dispensing (up to five days)

  • Reduce the amount of missing information required for follow up

  • Reduce Benefit Verification Eligibility from 1-2 days to 24-hours

  • Ensure correct Prior Authorization form submitted at time of patient enrollment (real-time)

  • Standardize data sets

  • Provide real-time communication back to the provider on the patient’s status of treatment

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction – High Adoption Rate (Provider, Field Rep)

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