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How a manufacturer was able to design and implement an enhanced platform for Field Reimbursement Specialists to reduce case barriers and improve medication fulfillment rates.


In a manufacturer-conducted market research survey, customers expressed a desire for franchise Field Reimbursement Access Specialists to be more proactive in helping them understand when problems existed with cases. Additionally, manufacturer therapeutic area medication fulfillment rates across the nation showed large variances, which could be positively impacted by timely customer education.

Manufacturer sought to design an enhanced process for Field Reimbursement Access Specialists to identify when case barriers exist and deliver appropriate compliant customer education in a timelier manner.

Archbow was asked to lead a multi-facetted project team through the design, development, and implementation of enhanced platform alerts for Field Reimbursement Access Specialists that would provide prioritized focus and ultimately improve medication fulfillment rates.

Archbow worked with manufacturer to analyze data and identify specific access barriers that have the greatest impact on medication fulfillment rates.

Archbow coordinated efforts to create enhanced notifications within their platforms to focus Field Reimbursement Access Specialists on cases that may have access barriers, provide recommended educational actions for the Field team, and measure the timeliness of Field Reimbursement Access Specialist response.

Archbow assisted with identifying clearly suggested actions for customer follow-up and suggested metrics to measure.

Archbow worked with manufacturer IT team to develop and implement automated reporting capabilities as well as on-demand functionality for Field Directors.



Archbow collaborated with manufacturer to develop Field Reimbursement Access Specialist education that included:

  • Training and support for the Field Directors and Leads

  • Training and support for the Field Reimbursement Access Specialists

Automated and on-demand reporting was implemented to track impact of actions taken.

Average numbers of days for education to be delivered to customers, by Field Access Reimbursement Specialists, improved by 70% over 3 months.

Ongoing engagement with multiple Field Reimbursement Access Specialist teams to capture feedback, missed opportunities, and suggestions for future enhancements has led to manufacturer requesting additional support in 2023 to explore and implement enhancements.

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