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How an US-based cell therapy company overcame a tight timeline to gain insights from key stakeholders across 5 European markets.


A US-based cell therapy manufacturer hired Archbow to coordinate, recruit, host, and report on a European Advisory Board meeting of healthcare professionals from institutions pioneering the use of cell and gene therapies in multiple countries.

The timeline to recruit participants and organize the meeting was less than 8 weeks.

Honoraria needed to ensure adherence to country-specific regulations and the manufacturer’s policies on compliance.

Archbow committed strategic planning and project management resources to the Ad Board project.​

Archbow engaged its broad network of local European partners to help recruit participants and coordinate meeting logistics under the tight timelines.

Two Archbow team members attended the meeting to oversee operations and capture participant feedback.



The Ad Board attendance goal was met with representatives from 5 European countries.

​Event logistics were coordinated on time and on budget.

​The manufacturer received an executive summary of the insights as well as a detailed report capturing feedback.

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