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How a manufacturer successfully prepared for a hybrid HUB launch by temporarily extending their team's expertise.


A pharmaceutical manufacturer’s Patient Services department needed assistance building their hybrid HUB solution in preparation for their upcoming product launch.

Archbow was brought in to build a project plan and provide project management support; develop the program business rules document outlining the program structure and services; and provide consulting expertise during the operational build of the program.

Archbow committed several resources with specific skillsets / expertise to the project to participate in the hybrid HUB build, including:

  • A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has over 30 years’ experience building and managing project plans and strategies for manufacturers

  • A quality manager who holds a certificate as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with vast experience building and managing quality monitoring programs

  • A project lead who has significant experience building, launching, and executing patient support HUBs for some of the largest manufacturers in the industry

Archbow guided the manufacturer through the development of the business rules document, facilitating program design decisions where needed utilizing industry expertise.

Through leadership, participation, and development of related project materials, Archbow managed the overall project, supported the manufacturer, and provided guidance for all associated project work.



Archbow developed a comprehensive project plan and managed progress, including identification of project risks, logged decisions, and priority actions required by the project team.

Archbow developed a business rules document that outlines the overall design and structure of the patient support HUB.

Archbow developed key frameworks to support the manufacturer’s HUB launch, including detailed quality and training programs.

The manufacturer is able to track progress of the overall project and HUB build by utilizing the tools Archbow developed.

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