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How a thorough assessment of a hospital system specialty pharmacy helped optimize its value proposition and capabilities for future success.


An integrated hospital system specialty pharmacy was evaluating its services and market positioning with pharmaceutical manufacturers

They needed to understand the perception of their current market position, value proposition, service capabilities, and contractual relationships

The pharmacy hired Archbow to conduct a market assessment focused on the following: Current service capabilities, Data/Analytics reporting, Payer, distribution, and pharmaceutical manufacturer contracting and partnership strategy, Marketing message, and value proposition

Interviewed internal company stakeholders to learn about the organization and their perspectives

Assessed service capabilities and compared them to industry benchmarks

Attended mock capabilities presentations for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Reviewed data capabilities

Analyzed payer, distributor, and pharmaceutical manufacturer contracts

Created a SWOT analysis of specialty pharmacy

Designed a strategic marketing approach for pharmaceutical manufacturers



Archbow delivered multiple detailed reports that provided:

  • Stakeholder feedback obtained from the interviews

  • Assessment of SP capabilities, including KPI benchmarks

  • Recommendations to optimize financial performance, including purchasing and enhanced service contracts

  • Assessment of data capabilities

  • Recommendations to create a marketing message and value proposition based on the SWOT analysis

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