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How one manufacturer decreased time to fill by 2 months and boosted incremental revenue by $15M.


An ultra-orphan manufacturer built an internal call center to interface with customers.  The call center was intended to handle reimbursement support as well as coordinate physical product distribution.  An external vendor provided some of the reimbursement support.

Performance was poor.  HCPs were dissatisfied and the time to fill was roughly 80 days from initial patient enrollment to first dose.

Archbow consultants determined the existing policies, procedures, and work instructions were wholly inadequate.  There were no pre-defined performance metrics.  In short, the company had no plan and no goals.

Archbow (re)wrote all SOPs and related guidelines, (re)trained the internal staff, and developed a set of performance standards. We further worked with manufacturer’s internal analytics group to create reports to monitor ongoing performance.

We also redesigned workflows with the external vendor to ensure an efficient transfer of information between internal staff and external partner.



Time to fill decreased by almost 2 full months.  This represented a roughly $15M boost in incremental revenue.

HCP customers and patients were much more satisfied with the customer service from the improved internal processes.

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