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How a manufacturer was able to align multiple stakeholder needs to select the best Limited Distribution Specialty Pharmacy for their rare disease product


A large pharmaceutical manufacturer is preparing to launch a new rare disease product into the specialty space

  • The product is a refrigerated injectable with a small, adult, neurology patient population

  • Their team of 20+ stakeholders decided on a controlled, limited distribution model to provide ultimate patient experience

  • Stakeholders were from Trade and Distribution, Patient Services, Procurement, Market Access, and the Brand team

To select the best Limited Distribution Specialty Pharmacy partner, they hired Archbow to:

  • Develop a customized Specialty Pharmacy (SP) RFP document, Written Response Scorecard, and Bid Defense Scorecard

  • Issue, analyze, and score the RFP responses from 8 Specialty Pharmacies

An RFP was issued to 8 pre-qualified potential SP partners

Archbow collected and aggregated SP RFP responses from the participating SPs into a single document

  • A PDF Executive Summary for each SP, along with a reviewer scorecard, was provided to 20+ reviewers

  • Archbow analyzed the written responses, and included an aggregate pricing comparison

  • An aggregated weighted scorecard analysis was also provided in the readout

5 of the 8 SPs were invited to provide a virtual RFP Bid Defense presentation

  • A Bid Defense agenda was created for the SPs and a Bid Defense reviewer scorecard was provided to all stakeholders

  • An aggregated weighted scorecard analysis for the Bid Defenses was provided



All materials from all the SPs were collated into a single large PDF document

Archbow led a stakeholder review and discussion of the finalist presentations

3 SPs were listed as finalists and the pros and cons of each were explored

After working through Archbow’s RFP methodology, the stakeholders were able to align on the best 

Limited Drug Distribution Network for their new rare disease product

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