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How a biotech company was able to identify and address potential future commercial operational complexities early in clinical development.


A biotech company in Phase I development of a new gene therapy wanted to understand how the target product profile of the treatment would be received by prospective customers.  The company wanted to ensure that adoption and usage of the product would not be hindered in a commercial setting.

Candid insights from hospital professionals were needed across packaging, ordering, product receipt, storage, preparation, administration, and patient care and coordination.​

Archbow was hired to engage and interview geographically diverse hospital professionals who had experience treating cell and gene therapy patients.

Archbow tapped into our extensive network of hospital professionals and was quickly able to exceed the target number of participants (despite the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Participants were diverse in both geography and professional title.

Interviews were conducted via phone, recorded, and transcribed.

The information gathered was analyzed and recommendations for operational adjustments that would impact commercial adoption were made.

Despite the pandemic, the project was completed on-time (in less than 3 months) and under budget.



The research revealed operational complexities for the product that would likely have a negative impact on future adoption.

Meaningful opportunities to ease logistical complications were identified along the therapeutic journey, allowing the company to “course correct” early in clinical development.

Hospital and stakeholder engagement needs were detailed in a timeline to guide commercialization strategies.

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