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How a small biotech successfully managed escalations around launch without adding staff.


A biotech company launched a first-of-it’s-kind therapy to high-demand and subsequently incurred an overwhelming number of escalations from patients and providers.

There was a resource void with an open Operations Manager position. Archbow was hired to assist with the managing/processing/ troubleshooting of escalations, working with the SP network and HUB for resolutions.

When Archbow joined the project, there was a backlog of escalations and all escalations were being tracked manually via excel spreadsheet.

Archbow began assisting with backlog and new escalations received via heightened communications with SPs, HUBs, NAMs, Med Info Team, patients and providers to work through escalations and provide prompt resolution.

Areas supported included: status updates, PA issues, PAP/Copay issues, Product/packaging concerns, missing travel kits, and delay in shipments.

Archbow implemented the ServiceNow electronic tracking system.



All escalations are current, there is no longer a backlog. (Archbow continues to manage these alongside the Associate Director of Patient Access and Services.)

We were able to successfully transition escalations from a manual to electronic process.

Now all escalations are assigned within same day of receipt.

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