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How a manufacturer was able to systematically assess and address Patient Services Program performance issues


A manufacturer was experiencing some operational challenges and lack of appropriate oversight into their Patient Services Program, which is outsourced through a third-party vendor

Archbow was hired to conduct a root cause analysis and then conduct optimization work in several key areas. The goal of the optimization work was to identify core program challenges and issues, build recommended frameworks and tools, and provide the manufacturer with detailed roadmaps for implementation with their third-party vendor

Seven optimization initiatives were identified as most impactful and influential to program success and selected for inclusion within the project

Archbow implemented a project management approach to each of the seven optimization initiatives. During each initiative, Archbow led efforts across the following phases to systematically and thoughtfully approach each optimization area of opportunity:

  • Impact Assessment to determine the full scope and all impacted workstreams

  • Design the intended framework via a detailed project plan

  • Build the framework and tools to support identified changes and ongoing operations

  • Implementation of all project activities, tracking progress throughout



The manufacturer was provided with detailed playbooks to aid in the oversight and ongoing management of the Patient Services Program

Tools now exist to aid the vendor in executing ongoing operations of the program, track performance, and ensure the manufacturer’s expectations are being met on a regular basis

The manufacturer has been able to clearly document expectations and desired outcomes with their third-party vendor to ensure alignment and success moving forward

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