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How a large, global manufacturer successfully managed a patient support launch strategy in a crowded specialty market on time and under budget.


A large, global pharmaceutical company is launching an oral product in a crowded specialty market.  They will be 6th to market in the therapeutic area. Manufacturer has specialty experience, but does not currently have products in this therapeutic area.

The current landscape of patient services varies widely as both injectables and orals have been introduced to the marketplace.

Archbow is engaged with the customer to orchestrate the launch for the their patient services team.

Archbow has been charged with oversight across 6 different work streams to ensure organizational alignment. 

We are responsible for all aspects of project management for the brand and have built robust processes and materials for the patient services team, including designing and developing solutions for:

  • Reimbursement support

  • Prior authorization support

  • Copay program

  • PAP and non-commercial dispensing pharmacy

  • Data and reporting



Archbow has been engaged with the manufacturer for 12+ months working towards a launch readiness date in 2020.

Archbow has dedicated resources aligned to the project with bi-monthly onsite presence.

The workstreams are all currently on time and under budget.

As an indication of this customer’s satisfaction, Archbow has been referred to other brands across the organization.

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