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How a large manufacturer was able to identify additional access drivers for a PSP model design ahead of launch, while securing essential internal stakeholder support.


A large pharmaceutical manufacturer wished to validate its proposed patient support model design with HCP office stakeholders, who would be most likely to administer the new-to-market therapy once FDA approved.

By pressure testing the proposed service offerings and program design with an end-user audience, the feedback received would determine if changes were needed prior to commercial launch.

End-user validation was also anticipated to foster internal stakeholder support for the program.

Working with the manufacturer, Archbow developed a comprehensive discussion guide and prepared a visual representation of the HUB model design to share with research participants.

Archbow quickly recruited and interviewed professionals from Dermatology Clinics and Infusion Centers across the U.S.  These individuals had extensive experience with buy-and-bill reimbursement services, including prior authorization, patient financial assistance, and billing.

  • A sub-group of the HCP offices was intentionally sought in order to compare techniques between private practices and IDN/hospital-owned clinics, in order to assess similarities and differences.

Participants thoroughly reviewed the model design and provided insights into additional ways the manufacturer might work with sites of care to improve access.



100% of Dermatology and Infusion Center research participants validated that the model addressed the needs of their patients and providers.

Additional opportunities to enhance access, based on provider preferences and workflow management, are able to be incorporated into the over-arching patient support services offering ahead of launch.

Internal support and buy-in for the program design was secured.

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