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How one manufacturer is optimally positioned for distribution success ahead of its Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) launch


Manufacturer sought to define Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) distribution strategy ahead of its PDT pilot launch in 2024 and full product launch in mid-2025

Due to the recent market emergence of PDT products, the distribution landscape contains multiple variables, including evolving vendor capabilities; thus, a concrete best practice has yet to emerge in this area

Commercial coverage for PDTs is not yet standardized; existing products are currently being covered under a mixture of PBM, MM, DME, and PDT-specific benefits

Analyzed the current PDT landscape, including existing paths to market and PDT commercial coverage trends

Provided an analysis of the manufacturer’s projected PDT distribution strategy through a series of workshops, including both PDT specialists and distribution specialists

Oversaw RFI distribution across six identified core PDT distribution areas

Analyzed RFI vendor responses, including current and anticipated PDT capabilities across each of these six areas



Optimally positioned client for distribution success with PDT pilot and full product launches by:

  • Identifying current market distribution pathways and commercial trends across the PDT landscape, helping the client to navigate the evolving PDT environment

  • Differentiating between core and enhanced services in the client’s proposed distribution flow, identifying six core areas distribution strategy must address for a successful PDT launch

  • Completing a gap analysis to determine areas in which no vendors demonstrated adequate capabilities and providing recommendations on overcoming these challenges

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