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How implementing a Quality Management System helped a Brand team improve benefit verification accuracy by 4.8% in 2 months.


Manufacturer’s Brand and Field Force seeking an enhanced customer experience. Asked if current HUB performance could be improved through quality of work (output).

Hired Archbow to create a comprehensive end-to-end quality assessment for their current HUB Patient Support Services.

Archbow conducted an analysis of the benefit verification (BV) end-to-end process, including the current quality framework.

The assessment revealed that the HUB did not have an effective quality plan or a Quality Management System (QMS) in place that was designed to align with key customer, business, and compliance drivers. Nor were they monitoring the voice of the customer (VOC).

Implemented a QMS that focused on improving the areas of quality of output (zero defects), reducing variation, and driving reliability that supported two levels of monitoring: agent and business.

Created performance metrics that aligned to the customer’s program business rules, were fact-based, and grounded in solid measurements to allow for insights and actionable results. Built a continuous process improvement framework based on Six Sigma principles to identify on-going value for the Patient Support Service program. Implemented month-over-month BV quality trending reports to drive.



BV accuracy results improved by 4.8% within two months of monitoring.​ Brand and Field Force customers (VOC) saw significant improvement in the accuracy of their BVs.

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