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How one manufacturer leveraged smart contracting to find innovation and flexibility alongside efficiencies and overall savings.


Manufacturer seeking new HUB vendor with better innovation and fresh ideas on how to enhance HUB offering.

Goals: Offer upgraded HUB services to HCPs, improve overall efficiency, and ensure staffing models meet both financial and customer expectations.

Archbow Consulting was engaged to manage the RFP process and guide the manufacturer in smart contracting with selected vendor.

Selected a vendor offering enhanced technology, a solid operational base, an openness to unique staffing solutions, and innovative service offerings.

Due to extensive previous experience with similar situations, Archbow advised the manufacturer to start the relationship with the new vendor by running a 60-day pilot to test functionality and evaluate ROI on enhanced services.

Explored both FTE and transaction-based models to determine best fit.



Pilot revealed an unacceptable ROI on the technology solutions.

Program moved from a transaction-based to an FTE-based model with significant savings.

We were able to identify enhanced services that did not make sense to pursue.

Manufacturer was able to realize efficiencies.

Manufacturer was able to contract with a vested partner that offers continued innovation and flexibility.

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