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How a mid-sized manufacturer met the complex needs of their pediatric product's stakeholders by placing support services at the SP, instead of the HUB


A mid-sized manufacturer is planning to launch a new product for a rare pediatric condition

The product is complex due to unique shipping, storing, and administration requirements, a significant common side effect, and a large care team that includes patients, parents, pediatricians, specialists, and speech therapists

Archbow was asked to design customized wrap-around support services that would effectively coordinate care for all stakeholders across the treatment journey

Archbow reviewed the manufacturer’s materials to understand the disease, stakeholders, and the patient journey

Journey-specific access barriers were identified, and an industry benchmarking report was created to establish patient support tactics that would address and overcome the specific hurdles for the product

Archbow facilitated a multi-day virtual cross-functional stakeholder workshop to collaborate on the design of the patient support solution

Ultimately, to meet the unique needs of the product, the manufacturer selected an integrated (full service) SP model where the HUB and dispensing pharmacy are with the same partner

  • This model was the best fit for a number of reasons, including the need for a pharmacist to be available to address side effects with OTC medications



Archbow developed and designed a patient support strategy at the specialty pharmacy based on the workshop findings that includes:

  • Training and support for the caregiver who is responsible for coordinating and administering patient treatment

  • Coordination with multiple HCP care team members

  • Insurance coverage support and financial resources (copay, PAP, bridge program, etc.)

  • Management of complex treatment side effects with an on-call pharmacist available to provide OTC medications

  • Ongoing engagement to offer support and education via Case Managers, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Patient Access Managers

  • Welcome Kit, refill reminders, training resources, diet plans, genetic testing support, and social and emotional resources

Archbow delivered a detailed program design blueprint to the manufacturer for implementation at the SP

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