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How a cell therapy manufacturer was able to avoid COVID-19 disruptions to their distribution model.


An emerging biotech company is preparing to launch a new cell therapy.

The planned distribution model is complex and has numerous stakeholders, including a third-party logistics company tasked with picking up the therapy in an ultra-frozen shipping container, and coordinating delivery via a just-in-time approach.

Archbow was hired to help understand and identify any known or potential impacts the COVID-19 pandemic could create for the intended logistics process.

Archbow coordinated a deep dive with the client to ensure understanding of all logistics stakeholders and roles in the planned distribution model.

All external stakeholders involved, along with additional industry leaders, were interviewed for insights into new obstacles and approaches.

Based on stakeholder feedback, the distribution model was mapped, travel times from the manufacturing site to nearest airport were calculated, tested, and validated, flight schedules were reviewed, and carrier availability was confirmed.



Archbow presented the client with stakeholder feedback and anticipated logistics impacts due to COVID-19.

New risks and potential obstacles were identified at each step of the distribution model. Archbow organized from most to least likely to occur so client could best understand full level of impact.

Additional recommendations were shared with the client to help offset potential logistics delays, including the creation of backup delivery plans, emergency process SOPs, and a review of shipping container management processes.

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