Case Study: SP Network for Oral Oncolytic with OTC Companion Needs

How a new oncology therapy used a well-designed SP network to overcome AE concerns and exceed sales expectations.


Manufacturer’s first product was an oral oncolytic with a known side effect in approximately 50% of patients.
To mitigate the AE, the manufacturer wanted to ship an OTC medication with each Rx.
Legal Dept. was uncomfortable with paying for and providing OTC meds.
Needed an SP network with oncology centers of excellence that included care management to supply OTC medication.


We developed a very specific RFP to determine OTC care capabilities within oncology-focused SPs.

Our team managed the responses and interviews with the SPs and then conducted site visits to pressure test capabilities.

After a thorough analysis, an SP network was established and the OTC product is now shipped with each filled Rx.


The product has surpassed sales expectations.

The AE has not meaningfully impacted product success.

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