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Global Pharmaceutical Pricing And Contracting

Global pharmaceutical pricing and contracting presents a significant challenge for a variety of reasons:

In most ex-U.S. countries, the price of innovative therapies is regulated by authorities, making negotiations complex

During long, involved negotiations with individual countries, each national-level payer will raise concerns regarding uncertainty of the efficacy of the new treatment and its potential budget impact

Pharmaceutical companies often have to fight for scarce financial resources, leaving global teams under-resourced – in staff or budget - to be able to properly support local affiliates with their negotiations

Successfully managing an effective global pricing and contracting strategy requires the right tools; tools that go beyond what an Excel spreadsheet can do.

ContrAST (Contract Assessment & Simulation Tool) 

ContrAST is the first standard platform designed to assess the impact of Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs) and Indication-Based Pricing (IBP) on net prices and revenues over time. It offers an affordable, flexible way for pharma companies to evaluate multiple pricing options across multiple products

ContrAST Features and Benefits:

ContrAST Features and Benefits:


ContrAST was designed to simulate all possible contracting approaches to address concerns of payers on budget impact (budget cap, patient cap, dose cap, utilization/duration cap, etc.) and efficacy (non-responder refund) by indication.


ContrAST is product, indication, therapeutic class, and location agnostic, allowing it to work across multiple products and scenarios over and over again.  This eliminates the need for repeatedly contracting for new models for each product or scenario.​

ContrAST Features and Benefits:
ContrAST Features and Benefits:


ContrAST is ready to go on day one, eliminating the wait time incurred while new models are being built. (Estimated time savings = 15 weeks.) New treatments can be set-up in a matter of minutes, and a contracting scenario can be run in a matter of seconds.  Unlike an Excel spreadsheet, with ContrAST there is no trade-off between precision and user experience.


ContrAST offers a standardized environment with a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick adoption and collaboration at global, regional, and local affiliate levels.


Data and scenarios are saved within ContrAST, making them available at any time and eliminating worries about whose mailbox has the latest version.

Purchase Options


ContrAST is available in both SaaS (software as a service) and RaaS (results as a service) models.  These models give pharma companies the flexibility to either manage their own pricing and contracting analyses or to leverage Archbow’s expertise to run scenarios with the ContrAST tool on their behalf.  

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