Fair Market Value (FMV) support across product launch and lifecycle.


Archbow Consulting offers clients FMV reports and assessments backed by:

  • A rich database of contract details, survey results, and cost analyses

  • Real-world experience across the biopharmaceutical industry

  • Team members dedicated to FMV

  • Frequent stakeholder surveys to validate and update data

  • The ability and experience to conduct time-study analysis for new services where no current FMV benchmark exists

  • End products that are documented, defensible, and consistent


FMV Options


  • Standardized, syndicated reports developed and packaged to meet common, large-scale FMV needs. 

    • Specialty Pharmacy 

    • Specialty Distribution

    • 3PL

    • Reimbursement HUB

    • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

    • Copay Assistance Program

    • Group Purchasing Organizations (GPSs)

    • Cell and Gene Therapy Programs

  • Customized, deep assessments that provide in-depth analysis of the unique needs and requirements of individual products, services, and organizations.

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