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10 Steps to Building an Integrated Pharmaceutical Launch Strategy

ten different steps that contribute to an integrated pharmaceutical launch strategy
10 Steps to Building an Integrated Pharmaceutical Launch Strategy

10 Steps to Building an Integrated Pharmaceutical Launch Strategy

It is more important than ever for commercial strategies for new products to be fully integrated across multiple channels, especially patient support and specialty pharmacy.

However, launching new products has become increasingly more complex.

As payer influence grows and new therapies target smaller patient populations with unique needs, developing and executing a winning launch strategy is undoubtedly challenging.

Efficient and effective pharma launch planning is about ensuring a new product hits target markets with maximum impact and minimal complications – all in good time and at an acceptable cost.

In our experience, the key to successfully building an integrated model for new products is understanding which steps in launch planning are essential and when to take them.

My colleague, DeWayne Manning, and I will address these essential steps during our presentation on June 29, 2022, at 10:45 am at the Informa Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Models East conference.

In our presentation, we will:

  • Level-set on launch expectations and what good looks like

  • Explore barriers to launch strategy integration and how to overcome them

  • Review best practices for strategic alignment with internal and external stakeholders

  • Revisit why transparency matters and how it’s actually attainable

We’ll also walk the audience through the ten steps we believe are essential to creating a successful integrated commercial model. Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the steps we’ll explore in greater detail:

  • Step 2: Set project rules of engagement and goals

    • Practice open and honest communication

    • Commit to transparency in all interactions

    • Respect other opinions and experiences

    • Align on common goals

  • Step 4: Host collaborative design sessions to create integrated launch strategies

    • Begin cross-functional scenario planning

    • Manage integration and partnership planning

    • Establish an approach for the “right service” at the “right time” for the “right stakeholder”

  • Step 6: Set the launch strategy

    • Document launch strategies and share them with the broad stakeholder group

    • Identify workstreams

    • Establish timelines

    • Communicate organization commitment needs

For more information on these steps and the seven others we’ll cover, we hope you’ll join us for the presentation. If you’re not attending the conference but would like to learn more about how to successfully build an integrated launch strategy, contact us for an opportunity to review this information 1:1.

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