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Introducing Archbow Consulting

Archbow co-founders Douglas Bock, Kevin Cast and DeWayne Manning (left to right)

Archbow Consulting is a new company, yet you may already know us.

We’ve worked in many roles across the industry – from pharma companies and specialty pharmacies to payers and HUBs. We’ve walked in your shoes, and in the shoes of your many stakeholders.

During that time we recognized a need in the marketplace: consultants with deep insider knowledge spanning the full product lifecycle, who are focused on quality over quantity, and who are willing to listen and customize.

That’s why we’ve teamed up to launch Archbow, a partnership that leverages our decades of real-world experience across a range of commercial disciplines within the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate your brand to success.

Think of an archer drawing back an arrow, building up tremendous potential energy. As your strategic partners, Archbow will work with you to harness the potential energy of your brand. We will help you aim and hit your targets with informed precision, to help you achieve your goals.

We position you to make smart decisions at every stage of your product’s lifecycle and propel your brand to success. We listen. We develop. We make it happen — from launch planning to tactical implementation to operational optimization.

We customize our services with precision to meet your needs. The result: enduring solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Working primarily with brand, trade, and market access teams, we offer consulting services across four primary categories: product lifecycle support, market intelligence, payer strategies and global solutions.

Learn more about our services, join our email list, and contact us for your next project.


Douglas Bock, Kevin Cast and DeWayne Manning are the founding partners of Archbow Consulting, LLC.

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