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  • Kevin Cast

Investors, ask these market access questions at J.P. Morgan Healthcare

JP Morgan Healthcare conference - market access questions to ask

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest and one of the most informative healthcare investment symposiums in the industry. J.P. Morgan reports that they expect more than 400 companies, both public and private, to deliver presentations to more than 8,000 attendees at the 2018 event.

In the past, a primary concern of many of these companies was the efficient navigation of the US FDA regulatory approval pathway. As science has improved and pharmaceutical manufacturers have a better understanding of how to work effectively with FDA, the focus has migrated to understanding and overcoming market access hurdles.

This shift creates a new list of top questions that investors should be asking:

  • How will the PBMs and Payers respond to a new specialty product?

  • Are Value Based Contracts viable in today’s world, and how should they be structured?

  • Can the current typical supply chain strategies (e.g., a Limited SP Network) accommodate novel gene therapies?

  • How can manufacturers negate the effects of 340B contracting?

  • Home infusion is increasingly becoming a focus for alternative distribution - how can manufacturers maximize this under-utilized strategy?

The Archbow Consulting team will be in attendance at J.P. Morgan Healthcare and is available to guide investors through these and other key questions. If you're interested in insider perspective on pharma & biotech, join us at this must-attend event, or contact us today to schedule a meeting at the conference.

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