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  • Douglas Bock

How to really build a Best-in-Class HUB

Sometimes, when considering the right array of support services for your patients, you might think you need to shoot for the moon; to sign up for every bell and whistle available.

You might think you’re aiming for a gold standard. But sometimes, what strikes you as best-in-class could wind up being a detrimental over-reach for your business.

When we work with manufacturer clients, we’re typically asked to build best-in-class HUBs. But, it’s important to note that each stakeholder — from pharma to vendors to patients — has their own opinion of what qualifies as best-in-class. And they’re all different.

How to really build a best-in-class HUB

When our clients ask for a best-in-class HUB, we challenge them to first understand what best-in-class means — to their customers, rather than to the marketplace. We shift the focus away from what competitors are doing and zero in on what patients and prescribers really need.

Sometimes saying, “I want best-in-class” just means that you don’t really know what your brand — or your customers — need.

In today’s marketplace, best-in-class HUBs may feature some mix of leading technology, experienced staff, high-touch concierge services, and reporting dashboards that NASA would envy.

We challenge you to think strategically about the services that will truly benefit your business. Think about doing one or two things exceptionally well, rather than overloading on 20 bells and whistles, 18 of which you don’t really need.

Focus less on the HUB services your competition may have and more on which services would be the wisest use of your resources.

If you’re trying to figure out what best-in-class HUB services your patients truly need, Archbow can help. Contact us today.

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