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The three hottest topics in specialty today

What’s discussed in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas

Hot topics in specialty pharmacy

The 2018 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, last week in Las Vegas, was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the industry. As always, we learned a lot, had plenty of fun, and came away with a heightened appreciation for what’s keeping our pharma and biotech customers up at night. During our meetings with clients – both formal and informal - three key topics emerged again and again:

1. The current healthcare landscape still isn’t prepared to support the uniqueness of gene therapies.

Almost everyone is looking for answers, but no one has it fully figured out today. There are a handful of solutions that support the products on the market currently. Some include hospitals as key partners who buy gene products like most any other biological product. Other commercial models remove the financial risk (and upside reward) from hospitals by incorporating a third party to ship to the hospital.

Conversations at Asembia indicate that many don’t believe that either of the current models provides the comprehensive approach to reimbursement, patient care, and economic sustainability that’s needed. Archbow acts as a catalyst in the evolution of gene and cell therapy distribution and reimbursement solutions. As service providers continue to refine solutions, we can keep you informed on the best possible solution for your unique product’s needs.

2. We’ve moved past WHY we need to digitalize our customer experience, to HOW.

Almost every organization has – or is in the process of – aligning resources around PharmaDCX, or the Pharma Digital Customer Experience. DeWayne Manning, alongside colleagues from CVS Specialty and Sanofi, participated in a panel discussion on Digitalizing Patient Services during a Lunch-and-Learn hosted by LiquidHub. A few common themes emerged during the conversation:

  • Transparency is more important than ever

  • Platforms must allow for end-to-end connectivity that keeps customers engaged and informed throughout the journey

  • What is complex must be simplified for patients and prescribers

  • Conceptually, we should be moving past a transaction-based mentality to an engagement-based approach

  • Brand consistency across all touchpoints is vital

  • Internal stakeholder buy-in is a key to success

  • Vocabulary can be a barrier; ensure your organization is speaking the same language. For example, “real time” does not always mean “immediately.” Ensure “customers” has the same meaning throughout your organization. The list could be long.

3. If you’re confused about copay accumulators, you’re not alone.

As an industry, we’re witnessing a copay accumulator “creep” that is proving to have a higher than anticipated impact on both patients and pharma. Everyone is curious about how this will affect their organization and individual products, fearful of the repercussions, and unsure of how to proactively prepare for what seems like the inevitable. If you're trying to get up to speed, this is a good place to start: What pharma needs to know about copay accumulators.

Reach out to us if you have questions and are seeking possible solutions.

As always, we enjoyed connecting with so many of you at the conference, and we look forward to continuing these and other conversations throughout the year.

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