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  • Douglas Bock

How to select the right consultant: a 3-step guide

How to select the right pharma consultant in 3 steps

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The pharmaceutical industry is one that relies heavily on consulting support across the product journey. From NDA to LOE, commercialization consulting options are abundant, but sometimes finding the RIGHT consultant can be a challenge.

One of the benefits of decades of experience is knowing what good – and bad – looks like and learning how to align your needs and expectations with the expertise, experience, and capabilities of the right consultant for your project.

Having been on both sides of the consulting relationship – as the client and as the consultant – we’ve learned a few things about how to select a consulting partner that is the right fit, right now.

Archbow Consulting worked with Pharmaceutical Executive on a three-step guide to select the best consultant. To learn more about these three steps, and what each entails, read the full article here.


Keith Bailey currently works at Novartis as the Director of US New Products. His career spans diverse global commercialization and consulting roles across multiple therapeutic areas at Hoffman-LaRoche, Shionogi, and Capgemini Consulting. Keith has a B.S. from Rutgers University and an MBA from New York University.

Douglas Bock is a founding partner of Archbow Consulting. Douglas and Keith worked together in Pharma Partnering/Licensing at Roche in the mid-2000s.

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