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  • DeWayne Manning

Design the best market access ecosystem for your brand

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It’s well documented that customer-forward product and program design is on the rise. Everything from automobiles to hair dryers to kitchen faucets is designed differently than it was ten years ago. Today’s approach is all about truly knowing your customer and building the product or service that they need and want.

Why shouldn’t the same be true for pharmaceutical and biotech brands?

Certainly, each new product launches with the goal of creating a customer experience that caters to the unique needs of its patients and prescribers. Brand teams dedicate significant budgets and resources to market access plans that are supposed to make the journey from Rx to fulfillment to ongoing adherence simple for customers.

But all too often these plans fall short, resulting in the manufacturers losing patients, physician satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue.

At Archbow, the launch teams we work with are advised to treat market access as an ecosystem of carefully selected, customer-centric, collaborative components that interact in a way that caters to the unique needs of their patients and prescribers.

How to truly start with the end in mind

Too often, launch planning begins with a menu of which services are “must haves.” Later, the company frantically tries to retrofit the customer experience around the services. That can result in overpaying for underused or unnecessary services, poor HCP experiences, and the opportunity for competition to steal market share.

Instead, one of the very first conversations we advise our clients to have during launch planning aims to determine the desired customer experience for the brand. That prioritizes the unique needs of patients, caregivers, prescribers, and payers, and what will matter most to them based on any number of defining characteristics.

The only way the ecosystem is optimized is if the design focuses first on the customer experience and then builds what is needed to achieve that desired experience. Not the other way around.

Build your market access ecosystem the right way by asking these questions

To gain a clear picture of how you ultimately want customers to interact with your brand, ask questions differently than you’ve done before.

This is just a small sample of the types of questions launch teams should be asking during planning, but it illustrates a shift in thinking that is driving innovation in market access ecosystem design.

If your team is committed to creating the type of program that your customers truly need and want, Archbow can help. Contact us today to start building the best market access ecosystem for your brand.

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