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Track-and-Trace 101

Drug Supply Chain Security Act Timeline

What you need to know about the Drug Supply Chain Security Act

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As the pharmaceutical industry barrels towards November 27, 2023, more and more pharma companies are asking for help understanding the requirements to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Archbow team member, Rob Besse, wrote a concise overview of DSCSA for Pharmaceutical Executive to help pharma and biotech professionals quickly understand the most important elements of these new Track-and-Trace regulations. The article includes a history of the DSCSA, an important timeline everyone should understand (see below), an update on how the industry is adjusting so far, and information on why it may finally be time to embrace blockchain technology.

It is vital to begin asking questions about your company’s DSCSA readiness and compliance, as well as that of your strategic partners, if you have not already. Consulting partners, like Archbow Consulting, can provide guidance and lend expertise while identifying the best resources available to reach full compliance. Contact us today to get started.

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Special thanks to Matt Sample and Heather Zenk at AmerisourceBergen for lending their expertise to this article.


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