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Best Practices for Vendor Selection and Management

ten different steps that contribute to an integrated pharmaceutical launch strategy
Best Practices for Vendor Selection and Management

Best Practices for Vendor Selection and Management

This presentation was shared during the Informa Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Models East conference, March 20-22, 2023.

It is more important than ever for manufacturers to select the right commercialization partners for their product and organizational needs.

Developing and executing a winning partner strategy is undoubtedly challenging as the industry grows and more vendors enter the market.

In our experience, the key to building a successful program is first choosing the right partner. DeWayne Manning and Justine Hughes addressed these essential steps during our March 22, 2023, presentation at the Informa Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Models East conference.

In our presentation, we discussed the following:

  • How to select the right partner for your products and organizational needs

  • How to develop a partner management strategy to drive program and organizational goals

  • Manufacturer versus partner roles and responsibilities

  • Ongoing partner assessment and calibration tests

Click the link below to view DeWayne and Justine’s presentation and to learn how Archbow can help you select the best vendors for your unique commercial needs.

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