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How Effective Product Distribution Strategies Maximize the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

How Effective Product Distribution Strategies Maximize the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

One of the most critical questions a Market Access or Trade and Distribution team asks during launch planning for a new pharmaceutical product is some version of: How can we efficiently and effectively get our product into the hands of our patients?

While that question is typically similar for all manufacturers, the answer may vary widely. Everything from product characteristics, prescriber habits, patient population, and payer preferences can impact what comes next in distribution planning.

And ideally, the strategy that is developed at launch is revisited annually to ensure that what made the best sense before is still right for all stakeholders.

Sometimes, answering that question can feel overwhelming to manufacturers. That’s where we can help.

As a pharmaceutical consulting company, Archbow works with Market Access and Trade and Distribution teams to design and optimize distribution strategies. Our recommended approach for maximizing supply chain efforts includes a customized mix of strategic and tactical actions, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution business planning and ideation

  • Biopharma market landscape assessments, including industry trends, competitive intelligence, analog research, real-world benchmarking, and market research

  • Pharmaceutical Fair Market Value assessments

  • Cost modeling for pharmaceutical distribution programs

  • RFP management and vendor selection (3PL, EUA Pathways, Wholesaler, Specialty Distributor, GPO, Hospital/IDN, VA/FSS/DoD)

  • Contract/DSA review and negotiation

  • Program implementation

  • Data analysis

Manufacturers need to approach distribution planning in a way that is customized for their unique product and patient/prescriber populations. No two distribution strategies should necessarily look the same – in other words, there’s no formula. That’s where the right advisors, with decades of distribution experience, can make a genuine difference.

Learn more about our distribution team and the differentiators that matter most to manufacturers, and contact us today for assistance with your strategic and tactical distribution needs.

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Archbow Consulting helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the USA and Europe reach their commercial goals with strategic and tactical approaches to distribution, pharmacy, and patient access. Archbow was founded by industry veterans to meet a need in the marketplace for consulting options that offer diverse real-world experience, are able to leverage deep connections across the industry, and can also provide actionable strategic guidance. We invite you to learn more about our team, services, and clients’ success, and connect with us via email, LinkedIn, Twitter or subscribing to this blog which you can do below.


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