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How to Prepare for DSCSA D-Day

DSCSA D-Day PharmaceuticalCommerce_June2022
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How to Prepare for DSCSA D-Day

We are officially less than 18 months from the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) deadline of November 27, 2023, yet many manufacturers are confused by the requirements and running behind on implementation.

The Act stipulates that by November 2023, the U.S. will have an electronic, interoperable system that will monitor the movement of prescription drugs from manufacturing to dispensation. But what does that really mean?

For manufacturers who haven’t started preparing for DSCSA D-Day, the “OH NO!” moment is here, but this article can help.

Pharmaceutical Commerce engaged Shannon Hybner from Archbow Consulting to walk the industry through what manufacturers need to be doing now to be prepared for next November’s deadline. Her article includes:

  • An overview of The Act and key expectations for the market

  • What DSCSA really means for manufacturers

  • The differences between aggregation and serialization

  • Recommended next steps for manufacturers

  • Critical upcoming dates to ensure timely compliance

  • Why distributors are pushing up deadlines

  • Next steps

Read Shannon's article in Pharmaceutical Commerce and contact us if we can be of assistance in helping you meet your DSCSA deadlines. As a pharmaceutical consulting company, Archbow provides strategic guidance and tactical implementation support for various distribution areas, including wholesale, specialty distribution, and 3PL services.

DSCSA D-Day PharmaceuticalCommerce_June2022
Download PDF • 396KB

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