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Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration for Compliance and Access

Justine Hughes, Rhaul Khara, Terrance Milton, Laurie Hughes, Michael Sanders
Panel Discussion: Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration for Compliance and Access

Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration for Compliance and Access

Over time, the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from launching simple, small-molecule drugs to more complex, large-molecule therapies.

The resulting evolution in patient support programs for these products has included models spanning a single point of contact for all stakeholders, the HUB as a “doer,” the HUB as a “navigator,” and is now moving into digitally-driven, direct-to-patient designs.

As such, the roles of Patient Services and Compliance professionals have also evolved. Today, these teams must co-exist and complement each other to the best benefit of the patient.

While full collaboration and communication between these teams can drive optimal performance for patient support programs, it’s not without challenges.

Archbow’s Justine Hughes is moderateda panel to discuss this issue and hear from both sides at the Informa Patient Support Services conference on June 15, 2021. Leaders from Acceleron Pharma, Eli Lilly and Company, Biogen, and UCB are participating in the panel.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The right time to consult Compliance during Patient Services Program development

  • How Compliance can help Patient Services overcome authorization and consent hurdles

  • How Patient Services and Compliance can best work together to achieve mutual success that benefits patients

  • The most effective way for Patient Services to approach Compliance with marketplace innovations being deployed by competitive programs

Click here to read the whitepaper developed from this panel discussion: Six Strategies for Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration Between Compliance and Access.


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