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  • Justine Hughes

Six Strategies for Cross-Functional Collaboration Between Compliance and Access

Six Strategies for Optimizing Cross-Functional Collaboration Between Compliance and Access

Free whitepaper available for download now.

In the pharmaceutical industry, patient access and compliance teams work together, with an eye toward creating robust patient support programs. At some companies, these functions collaborate from the early stages of a product launch, uncovering customer needs and creating an outstanding patient journey. At other organizations, the relationship between Patient Access and Compliance can be more complicated.

To learn more about how leading organizations promote better collaboration, communication, and patient outcomes, we led a panel discussion with four industry experts:

  • Laurie Hughes, Head of U.S. Patient Services, Biogen

  • Rahul Khara, PharmD, Vice President, Legal and Chief Compliance Officer, Acceleron Pharma Inc.

  • Terence Milton, JD, Director, Ethics & Compliance, Managed Healthcare Services and Consumer Experience, Eli Lilly and Company

  • Michael Sanders, Market Access Strategy Lead, Orphan and Rare Disease, UCB

Together, the panel discussed:

  • How patient support program models have evolved

  • How outsourced, hybrid, and insourced program models are defined today

  • Strategies that manufacturers can implement to foster better internal collaboration between compliance and access teams

This vibrant and impactful conversation has been captured in a whitepaper that is now available for free download here.

By following the six strategies discussed in this whitepaper, we see pharmaceutical companies effectively working to improve collaboration, enhance the patient experience, better protect patient data, reduce risk, improve compliance, and improve the overall patient support program and patient journey.

Some organizations have the staff and experience to design and implement successful patient access strategies internally. Others need assistance – in the form of outside perspective, strategic design, or tactical implementation. That's where Archbow can help. Ensuring that our clients' programs run as efficiently and as effectively as possible is what we do day in and day out. Contact us today to get started.

For real-world examples of our impact, read these case studies:


Archbow Consulting helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the USA and Europe design, build, and optimize product distribution and patient access strategies. Archbow was founded by industry veterans to meet a need in the marketplace for consulting options that offer diverse real-world experience, are able to leverage deep connections across the industry, and can also provide actionable strategic guidance. We invite you to learn more about our team, services, and clients’ success, and connect with us via email, LinkedIn, Twitter or subscribing to this blog which you can do below.

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