Insource vs. Outsource vs. Hybrid. Which HUB design is right for you?

October 21, 2019

Watch the archived webinar here



As we approach 2020, providing patient support services via a HUB is a market access reality for virtually all specialty products.  


For many, it may seem logical to replicate the service models of industry-leading HUBs.  But the reality is that a manufacturer’s approach to HUB design should be just as unique as the product and its patient and prescriber populations.


That’s why HUB design should never be a one-size-fits-all approach.  Today’s marketplace has so many options – sometimes, it may feel like TOO many – that a manufacturer must truly custom-design their HUB to not only meet their needs, but also the needs of multiple and varied stakeholders.


Determining if your HUB should be insourced, outsourced, or a hybrid of those two options is a big decision.  And finding the right answer can determine the future success of your patient access program.



Primary HUB Models:

  • Outsourced:  Manufacturer works with a third-party vendor to outsource all touch points with patients, HCPs, and payers

  • Insourced: Manufacturer builds capabilities and employs internal resources to fully support the patient journey with patients, HCPs, and payers

  • Hybrid: Manufacturer chooses to insource certain critical components while outsourcing other support functions to third-party vendors.  The services that are insourced and outsourced vary from product to product and company to company.


When deciding which HUB model is best for your unique product, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each model, which services will be most important to your brand, and to evaluate several key considerations that range from technology to human resources to data. 


We’ve supported many manufacturers in this process over the years, and it’s become clear that aligning internally around these areas before designing your HUB can be a primary factor of success, even though it can seem daunting.  


That’s where we can help.  Archbow has teamed up with FierceBiotech to host a webinar designed to assist manufacturers in choosing the right HUB model for their brand.


Webinar:            Navigating HUB Design in 2020:  Insource vs. Outsource vs. Hybrid

Date:                  November 7, 2019 at 11 am ET

Host:                  FierceBiotech

Speakers:          Douglas Bock & DeWayne Manning

Registration:     Fierce website

Description:      Designed for pharma and biotech patient support, brand, and market access teams, this webinar will explore a variety of factors to consider when choosing between insourced, outsourced, and hybrid HUB models, including:


  • Characteristics of each model

  • Advantages & disadvantages of each model

  • Key requirements

  • Considerations for:

    • Program design

    • Technology & data

    • Legal/regulatory/compliance

    • Human resources

    • Training & quality

    • Facilities

    • Operations

  • Timelines 

  • Cost differences


If you have questions leading up to or following the webinar, drop us a line.  We look forward to connecting with everyone on November 7.


Watch the archived webinar here.  


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