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Don Hribek

Having supported both new launches and established blockbusters, Anna Beth Lindenmeyer brings 10+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience to the Archbow Team.  Her roles across HUB operations, account management, strategy, and analytics give her unique insight into the inner-workings and best practices of patient services.

Before joining Archbow, Anna Beth held leadership roles at both AmerisourceBergen Lash Group and Cardinal Health/Sonexus.  Her work across multiple therapeutic areas, including MS, oncology, and bone health, spanned everything from specialty to retail to buy-and-bill. While supporting manufacturers with patient-centric approaches, she enjoyed exploring new ways to engage with patients at different points along their journey.  Anna Beth holds a degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia.

When not hard at work for Archbow clients, Anna Beth and her husband are enjoying every minute with their growing baby boy.  They also like to explore the nature preserves and botanical gardens in Dallas with their dog and make a point to travel as much as possible to spend time with family and friends across the country. 

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