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Don Hribek

Jen Higgins brings a unique analytical skill set to Team Archbow. She started her career in the finance industry before moving into healthcare roles interfacing with clients across analytics, operations, process improvement, project management, program design, and implementation.  Today, Jen applies her technical expertise to pharmaceutical project execution, working on behalf of Archbow’s clients to ensure alignment with overall goals and expectations.

Before joining Archbow, Jen worked in progressive roles at McKesson, including Financial Analyst, Senior Manager of Analytics, and Director of Strategic Execution and Implementation, where her focus was on supporting manufacturers’ insights into their programs, creating technical solutions for system builds that would be translatable into a data warehouse, and problem-solving complex program issues.  Prior to McKesson, Jen spent ten years with JP Morgan Chase, utilizing her skill set to improve business processes, fraud detection, and lending practices.  Jen holds BS and MS degrees from Arizona State University. She is currently studying for a second master’s degree in Public Health from Purdue University, focusing on epidemiology and healthcare statistics.

Jen currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and enjoys traveling with family and experiencing new places, food, and cultures.  She has a passion for sports, including sky diving, snowboarding, running, and rock climbing. 

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