Don Hribek

Tami Stowe has more than 20 years of experience operationalizing the patient, provider, and payer journey. Her deep understanding of healthcare technology keeps Archbow clients ahead of the curve, allowing them to confidently engage in innovative solutions to optimize the patient and provider experience.

Tami began her career with eight years at ivpcare specialty pharmacy, followed by ten years with Good Days, a national non-profit, where she provided assistance for patients struggling with the financial burdens of chronic disease and cancer. As an Operations Manager there, she oversaw a team of 30 and effectively managed multiple programs that included copay, travel, premium, and diagnostic assistance. Most recently, Tami worked as a consultant for Cardinal Health where she focused on HUB services training and operational development, including the implementation of their cloud-based software ConnectSource™.   Tami studied Communication and Media at University of North Texas.

Tami is a native Texan and has a heart to match its size. Her first love was music, and to date, she has attended over 300 concerts and has the ticket stubs, pictures and stories to prove it. If you want to know what mood she’s in, ask her what she is listening to. She runs a local storytelling show in Dallas, which allows people a platform to connect while sharing their true-life stories. She’ll try anything twice because sometimes once just isn’t good enough.