Don Hribek

Teresa Rekieta has extensive, hands-on experience guiding commercialization strategies for title-model programs, third-party logistics, and patient access programs. She’s worked across numerous product types and unique channel solutions, including oncology, orphan drug, and controlled substances, and now shares her first-hand knowledge with Archbow clients.

During her time with Amerisource Bergen (ICS) 3PL and Title, Teresa supported client implementations in preparation for launch, oversaw all end-to-end processes, managed key accounts, led strategic client initiatives, and onboarded pharma and biotech customers. She was able to gain in-depth knowledge of shipments, EDI, chargebacks, returns, inventory management, data, and transportation solutions. Most recently, Teresa implemented a large, customized solution for an IVIg product that moved from one 3PL to another. In a previous role with Cardinal Health, Teresa led patient access programs for a variety of products.

Teresa holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School. A metal abstract artist, Teresa is often found welding or painting in her workshop. Her free time is spent at music concerts or festivals with family and friends.