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How a biotech company was able to quickly understand the retinal landscape to build a commercial distribution strategy for their first launch.


A biotech company with a strong retinal pipeline but no commercialization experience is preparing to launch their first product and engaged Archbow to provide a market analysis and distribution deep dive on the industry landscape and existing or pending competitive brands.

The company sought insights on the retinal surgeon and hospital arena, connectivity with inventory management systems, packaging and RFID sticker placement for PODIS customers, and a better understanding of distribution models leveraged by competing brands.

Archbow led a deep dive discussion with the client to confirm their understanding of the market, perceived competitors, and key concerns. Market research on analog products was conducted to inform landscape analysis, distribution model, and key challenges discussions.

Existing data and experience were leveraged, confirming commercialization timeline accuracy, and steps with SMEs where necessary. Archbow compiled all known distribution models, including commentary on approach for reaching client’s preferred target market.



Archbow provided an extensive readout focusing on the current retinal landscape, distribution model challenges, hub services employed by analog competitors, and third-party logistics partners.

  • Models included traditional specialty vs. full-line wholesale, drop-ships, and direct distribution, with accompanying economics and pros and cons for each.

Readout included education on GPO affiliations, inventory management systems used by specialty distributors today, private equity impacts, and touched on potential white bagging considerations.

Archbow summarized a detailed commercialization timeline and next steps for company to consider across 3PL, specialty distribution, HUB, and specialty pharmacy services. The biotech company leveraged the insights shared to build a commercial distribution strategy for their first launch.

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