Commercial Channel Strategy

How a young biotech company with only a handful of employees was fully contracted and on schedule to implement in advance of launch.


DSA Optimization Saves $2.7M

How a growing manufacturer identified $2.7M in savings with a thorough analysis of their existing Distribution Service Agreements

Cell Therapy Commercial Supply Chain

How a U.S. biotech company established a global supply chain for a cell therapy with complicated and unique characteristics.

33% Revenue

Growth with Named Patient Program

How the Head of Global Market Access for an oral oncolytic was able to increase revenue potential by thinking outside the U.S.

SP Network for Oral Oncolytic with OTC Companion Needs

How a new oncology therapy used a well-designed SP network to overcome AE concerns and exceed sales expectations.

HUB Overhaul Saves 25%; Sales Increase 34%

How a pharmaceutical company revamped an old, inefficient HUB model to save 1/4 of their annual budget and increase sales by 1/3.


Transitioning HUB from Insourced to Outsourced

How a large manufacturer successfully transitioned an internal, 5-product HUB to a third-party vendor on schedule

Patient Services Product Launch

How a large, global manufacturer successfully managed a patient support launch strategy in a crowded specialty market on time and under budget.

Patient And Provider Escalation Support

How a small biotech successfully managed escalations around launch without adding staff.


HUB Optimization

How one manufacturer decreased time to fill by 2 months and boosted incremental revenue by $15M.

Quality Enhances Customer Experience

How implementing a Quality Management System helped a Brand team improve benefit verification accuracy by 4.8% in 2 months.

Hospital Market Research Guides Gene Therapy Commercial Strategy

How a biotech company was able to identify and address potential future commercial operational complexities early in clinical development

Digitalization Implementation

How a large manufacturer accelerated time to therapy with a full suite of digitalized services.


Data Accuracy

How one manufacturer is now leveraging more accurate, meaningful, and actionable data to make strategic decisions.

European Advisory Board

How an US-based cell therapy company overcame a tight timeline to gain insights from key stakeholders across 5 European markets.

Smart Program Evaluation & Contracting

How one manufacturer leveraged smart contracting to find innovation and flexibility alongside efficiencies and savings.

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