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How Pharma Can Turn Data into Insights: Effectively Leveraging Pharma and Market Access Data

How Pharma Can Turn Data into Insights: Effectively Leveraging Pharma and Market Access Data

What’s the biggest mistake pharma and market access make when they work with data?

Valuate Health Consultancy’s Derek Tancredi and Terrill Paterson share tips on this month’s The IDI Podcast to help pharma and market access teams effectively analyze and derive meaningful insights from their licensed healthcare data:

  • Make sure the data meets the population you’re looking after or looking to solve a question for. “If it’s a specific drug, I should see that drug in that raw file,” says Tancredi. “If it’s a specific disease type or a specific code, I should be seeing a diagnosis code or something like that, I want to make sure that code is in the data.”

  • Have your ideal patient cohort in mind. “That helps tell me what we’re seeing is actually accurate and representative of that population,” Tancredi adds.

  • The data and graphs must make sense. “If there’s a little voice in your head saying, ‘Hey, that doesn't make a ton of sense,’ you have to run it down and have it make sense,” says Paterson. “Only then are you going to have faith and confidence in what comes next.”

Click the links below to listen to Derek and Terrill on The IDI Podcast and learn how market access teams can turn data into insights -- and the one thing you should never do when conducting data analysis.

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