Don Hribek

With more than 10 years of pharmaceutical patient program management experience, Justine Hughes now shares her passion for optimizing solutions to meet the changing needs of patients and prescribers with Archbow clients.

Justine’s work in the operational management of patient-centered support programs gives her sharp insight into the strategy and design of patient programs focused on meeting the unique needs of a brand and patient population.

Before joining Archbow, Justine worked for UBC: An Express Scripts Company for many years as the lead on a large specialty program that provided 24/7 call center support, nurse case managers, enrollment HUB, and in-home injection training support.  Prior to that, she worked for AccessMED/US Oncology/McKesson Specialty managing oncology and virology reimbursement and patient support programs that included buy-and-bill, brown bag, white bag, and specialty pharmacy supported products.  Justine graduated from Missouri State University with a B.S. in Child and Family Development.

Justine lives a busy, full life in Overland Park, KS with her two daughters, son, and Great Pyrenees puppy.  They are busy with school activities for the oldest daughter who is in 1st grade. As a family they spend as much time as possible outdoors, working on puzzles, and playing games.